Yellow roses fabric postcard vignette


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A charming pocket with a printed cotton fabric made to look like a postcard. Finished off with vintage yellow buttons and crochet lace used as a hanger these little hangers look great hanging from a door handle, a hook or a nail in the wall. You can fill the pouch with dried flowers, love letters, sweeties well anything that will fit to make a charming vignette. Made in a shabby rustic style there will be pulled threads and wonky edges to bring charm and faux look of wear and tear. The pocket is made from thick beige cotton and the back is plain. Accessories are props only therefore they are not included.

Size: Approximately 6 inches ( 15 cm) across by 4 and half inches (11.5 cm) tall

At the time of listing a have a few styles of these, check out DECORATIONS to see if they are still in stock