White Woodland Witch

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Who do we have here? This is a  kindly White Witch, who lightly dances about the woodlands gathering leaves and berries to make wonderful foraged food and medicines with. She is a good witch, a gentle soul. She wears many layers of white clothing, a lace and wool felt witches pointed hat, that is removable if you wanted to take it off. She carries a small linen and lace bag, (also removable), with textile leaves and  wax flower stamens sewn in with shell buttons on each side of the tote bag. Her dress is made from white cotton and a crochet vine weaves its way around her waist and up her body to her neck. The sleeves of her dress are puffy and rimmed with a delicate vintage lace, there is more cotton lace about her waist, where I have sewn on a silver coloured puffed heart, a key and a Mexican bird shaped Milagrow, these are charms for her potions and spells. The skirt of her dress is a reclaimed and upcycled sample of a crochet table cloth, it is damaged and it does have age marks on, but it seemed so perfect for a skirt of this size doll decoration. Under her crochet skirt is the white cotton layer that matches the top of her dress, this has a raw edge to give my woodland lady a less put together feel, she is a free spirit after all! Then there is a shorter petticoat with a crochet lace trim and a small faux patch on, under her petticoat some vintage lace has been fashioned into a delicate pair of shorts, which have a matching bralette too, not that you will ever see it has skirt is sewn down, but it is there nether the less. I have also sewn on a tiny belly button. On her hands and feet are tiny lace shoes and gloves. I really wanted to add multiple layers of details this lady and I think I have accomplished that with her clothes. One last detail is her hanging loop on her back so you display her easily from a hook or a hanging from a handle in your home. I hope you love her very much. 

Size: Approximately 14.5 inches long or 37 cm to the top of her hat, this textile doll is not intended for children of any age.

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