Tiny pink hearts garland

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A handmade pink heart garland. Each heart is hand drawn and completely stitched by hand. No stencils and no machines. Making every one unique and a labour of love. I didn't want to make identical looking perfect hearts like what you see everywhere. I wanted mine to look handmade. I wanted the quirky oddness to be the charm and I am so happy with how each garland has turned out. You have two different shades of pink hearts alternating on a pink linen string. 5 hearts in total. This is a mini garland and it will look fab pinned under a shelf or as part of a photo wall. I am sure you can give a home to these love hearts.

width 50 cm or 20 inches

Each heart is different and they are all slightly padded and no smaller than 2.5 cm or 1 inch and no bigger than 5 cm or 2 inches inches high. Each garland will be different though all will be made from the same materials.