Queenie Belle, handmade cloth doll decoration

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A beautiful handmade one of a kind cloth doll. Dressed in all white and with white hair I have named her Queenie Belle. Let me tell you about Queenie, she wears a beautiful silver work crown that has lots of sparkly jewels, her hair, worn in two bunches is made from alpaca wool and is an ivory shade of white, her body is made from unbleached cotton and she has some very rosy cheeks! In addition to her crown she also wears, faux pearl earrings and a glass bead necklace. Queenie wears a handmade dress made up from cotton and various types of lace. Under her skirt she she has on a linen petticoat which is shot through with silver threads, it is also trimmed in cotton lace and under this she wears small lace knickers. Her shoes are hand embroidered white and silver. Her outfit is finished off with a shawl to keep her shoulders warm, that is fastened on with a plastic mirror button. Queenie has a crochet loop attached to her neck so you can hang her up to display her. She can not wait to find her forever home with you.

 My fabric dolls are for you to hang as a decoration. They are not intended for play due to small delicate parts like hand stitched lace and small buttons. Please be very careful when handling. Spot clean only.

Size: Approximately 12 inches long or 30 cm, not including the hanging loop, this textile doll is not intended for children of any age.

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