Pair of whimsical woodland fabric toadstools

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My magical mushroom ornaments are made from linen and cotton after being inspired by a woodland walk in autumn. This pair of whimsical woodland wonders are red topped toadstools with beige stalks, that are meant as decorations. They each have a cotton string loop to hang them up by. Each piece is folk art and will differ from each other in many ways due the handmade nature and because I want them to be like that, you would never find two the same in the woods would you? I have made these from my own pattern. The linen top is red linen with a white thread running through it so it can look a bit pink on some monitors/ phones etc. These mushroom decorations will look fab hanging on a larger scale Christmas tree or just from a hook or door handle. 

Each toadstool is approximately 5 and half inches high or 14 cm

These are decorations and not toys

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