Natural linen mushroom

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A flat capped linen mushroom. Made from two different linens in their natural colours this fabric sculpture is made as a whimsical display piece. I was inspired to make it because of my local flora and fauna in the glen near to where I live. It is completely hand stitched and it stands on its own simple wood slice base. There smaller sprout like filaments making an appearance at the base, and a frilly white lace collar and embroidered spots on the flat cap. There is something magical in the folklore that goes along with mushroom / fungi/ toadstools and fairies that I find fascinating and I hope you do to. This item is intended as an ornamental display piece as it is very delicate, keep out of the reach of children. It will look great in a curio cabinet or on a bookshelf.

This item is approximately 7 inches high and 3 inches wide (18 cm by 7.5 cm)

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