Mini Mushroom in a dome

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Based on the beautiful fly agaric mushrooms, I have hand stitched cotton and linen in to a small pointy textile toadstool art piece. I have hand painted on some spots to the linen top. I am very inspired by nature and the beautiful woods that are close to my home where fungi spring up and disappear just as quickly in autumn. Folklore stories of fairies in the woods that live under toadstool umbrellas also inspire me in my making of these mushrooms and my fairy dolls. Each piece is unique as I draw cut each pattern by hand each time I make one of these. This item is an ornament as is intended for display on a shelf or in a cabinet of other oddities and curios. 

The whole piece (base to top of the dome) stands 5 inches or 13 tall.

The mini mushroom is surrounded by real moss and is sitting on a wooden base. The dome is plastic the base is wood. Due to the real moss used this piece is not suitable to be posted outside of the UK.

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