Rare one medal James Keiller Dundee Marmalade pot - Number 1

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A rare one medal antique James Keiller and sons Dundee Marmalade stoneware jar or pot. This particular version is the International Exhibition 1862 1lb size. This pot was made between 1862 and 1873. The pot has a few cracks lots of lovely grey crazing, discolouration, rust marks, firing marks and a chip on the rim at the top and on the bottom. But it makes a great piece of decoration sitting on its own or with something in like flowers, pens or feathers etc. Do not use to store food stuffs. At the time of listing I have a few different earthenware jars and some Observer Books which make up lovely little vignette displays on a shelf like in my photos above.  This ironstone / stoneware pot at some point it has gone in to a dump near the Thames River in London as waste and it has made its way in the mud where it has lain until being dug up, how remarkable that it is still in one piece. In the UK we call people who dig up the river banks mud larks. I live on the Thames estuary in Essex just before the river runs out to sea, this stoneware jar was picked between Tilbury, Essex and Gravesend in Kent. 

Size: 9.5 cm Tall x 8.5 cm wide 
This antique item is time worn with signs of ageing and ware. Accessories not included.

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