Clay vase or jam pot

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This earthen ware pot or jar will make a great candle vessel, vase or even a  pot for a cactus. It is from the late 1880's. It is a pale grey colour with a wonderful patina of a crackle all over the glaze, it does have some orange staining and other imperfections from the time it was made. It would have been made for some sort of liquid it would have had a stopper possibly made from cork or tied on fabric to cover the original contents and it would have been common in its age. There are no chips and there are no cracks on this piece of pottery, which is pretty amazing, it is glazed all over including the base. This ironstone / stoneware pot at some point it has gone in to the Thames River in London as waste and it has made its way in the mud where it has lain until being dug up, how remarkable that it is still in one piece. In the UK we call people who dig up the river banks mudlarks. I live on the Thames estuary in Essex just before the river runs out to sea, and I purchased this antique local to me. These pots make great vases for a few simple stems. I would not use it for food or drink. 

Size: just under 9 cm / 3 and a half inches tall

the neck opening is about 5 cm or 2 inches wide

Accessories not included.

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