Self taught artist creates fairytale dolls and flora from vintage and reclaimed fabrics.

Clara Claire is a reserved artist from London, now living in sunny Essex, England, she has always been crafty since a young age with Art and Design playing a big part in her hobbies and her education. Clara Claire was taught to hand sew and to embroider by her school nurse at about age seven or eight, she bought herself a sewing machine in 2011 and taught herself how to use it and how to machine sew that year. She then went on to successfully sell her designs and creations via an online marketplace in 2012 onwards. In late 2015 Loo and Bert the business and website was born.
Clara Claire creates beautiful dream like woodland and British themed plants and dolls inspired by fiction, folklore and fairytales. Sewn from mainly vintage and reclaimed textiles each piece is unique and has a story to tell. 
Inspirations come from rich British folk tales, classic fiction book characters, as well as from our beautiful natural world and the seasons.
Spring and her pastel colour pallet inspires everything but especially the flowers and dolls,
Summer and the sparkle of the sun of the dancing across the waves on the sea brings out the whimsical
Autumn brings with her twisted forms and odd shaped mushrooms and magic
Winter, cold, dark and often baren inspires makes to do with the moon and stars.

Loo and Bert the name came about after hours and hours of searching for a business name that meant something and nothing. From the outside it looks like the names of two people but take away the word 'and' and what you are left with is LooBert, or Loobert which is the name of the road the girls grew up on. Which ended up being something very dear to their hearts as it was a happy place for them as children.